Claudia’s Story: Stop Dieting & Start THRIVING

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Strong & Beautiful From The Inside Out!!

Claudia’s Story: Stop Dieting & Start THRIVING on Sustainable Nutrition

Diets. Many of us have done anything and everything in our power to shed those extra pounds. We follow one food fad after another, each time desperate for a the solution to our problems. In fact, dieting has become so normalized in our society that 91% of women admit to controlling their weight through dieting [1]. These obsessions become the sentiments we put into the world, and it affects the way we feel and view ourselves. What if we sent ourselves a message centered around ‘healthy’ and ‘content’? What if we discovered a more healthful and effective way to achieve our goals?

Below is Claudia’s story, the story of a stay-at-home mother who trusted a process, put in the work and saw amazing results.

I don’t have a glamorous story to tell. I’m a stay at home mom of two fabulous kids and an awesome husband who works hard and travels often. I had a fantastic career but put that aside to allow my husband to achieve is dreams and climb the corporate ladder. And that he has!! But for me, well, I’m just trying to keep it between the ditches of a Pinterest mom and supportive wife. So this is me. I love working out, running, new challenges, having goals, and moving forward. This is also me…being content, finding routine, working hard, being loyal and finding consistency.

So, four years ago we relocated to Florida. I gained 10 pounds literally overnight (I blame it on humidity and extra gravity in Florida…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!) I joined the traditional most popular gym in Viera at the time and after two weeks quit. It was awful. It was like working out in a hotel lobby. I had moved here from Cincinnati. I had run marathons, trained at Lifetime Fitness, I had high expectations and here I was listening to elevator music waiting in line for a machine.

Triple Extension!!

So, I found a new gym. It was close to my house, it catered to the upper class, it was expensive and so by default I assumed it had to be good…right!?! I’ll admit I’m a bit of a “squirrel” when it comes to fitness. I go in with a plan and then see a new piece of equipment and think “well if it’s here I should be doing that too.” Before long I’ve abandoned my original plan and I’m just moving from machine to machine with no purpose and finishing it up with a ton of cardio. I mean if 1 mile is good isn’t 20 better?!? Basically, my mentality is “more is better.”

Eventually I realized I wasn’t getting enough out of spending multiple hours at the gym so I started searching for nutrition plans. Diets aren’t my thing. I love to eat! They always say abs are made in the kitchen so I started down a new path! I found a guy with a nutrition plan, and a workout plan and I was on my way. I ate basically the same thing every day for 12 weeks, spent a solid two hours in the gym five days a week and I finally looked decent in a swimsuit. But…after the plan ended I wanted to eat EVERYTHING in sight!!!

Beautiful Power Snatch

The results never really lasted. I was “chasing squirrels” in the gym and now in the kitchen too! Eventually, we moved across town, my fabulous gym wasn’t so convenient and fabulous anymore so I started looking for something new. It was a hard decision because I loved the trainer I worked with, I loved the people I worked out with, but I had to move on. I tried a lot of places.

Nothing seemed right or worked with my schedule. I eventually texted Christie and asked her if she knew of any places I had missed. I had met Christie at the gym, she had used my same guy for a nutrition plan, she knew my plight even though we didn’t really know each other. She gave me a few suggestions that I had already tried then asked if I would like to try CrossFit with her at CFOS. Me doing CrossFit?!? The idea intrigued me but CrossFit is for the strong, and the fit…and well military men. I had a moment of weakness and said I’ll give it a try.

Fitness, Heath, Good Times & All Smiles

Surprisingly I loved it. It was a challenge, it was something new, it was out of my comfort zone, and so of course I had to give it a shot! There was no contract to sign so if I decided to bail it would be no big deal. All the while I was just thinking I will do this for a month or two until I find my new game plan, my new gym home! But eventually weeks turned into months….I was getting stronger but I had doubts EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Was a 20 minute AMRAP really enough? A 5×1 at max weight enough? Surely Not! I’m in and out of the “box” in an hour. I was confused, I was conflicted, less is NOT MORE!!”

Claudia, like many other women, had doubts about how effective training one hour a day truly was. “Eat less, exercise more.” You’ve heard it before, and while it does result in temporary weight loss, it simply doesn’t work—that is, if you’re looking for a long-term effect. Drastically cutting down on calories destroys our metabolic function and negatively impacts our hormones, causing stress on our bodies and our emotions. We need energy to function well and thrive, and that energy comes from the food we eat.

Rocking the Dumbbell Snatch and Looking STRONG!!

Eating more food doesn’t make you gain weight. It gives you energy to perform well as an athlete, kicks your metabolism into gear and balances your hormones so you reach a happy and healthy place. It’s the energy necessary to crush your hour-long, highly effective workout instead of overworking your body for hours on end each day. Claudia had doubts, but when she heard about CrossFit Outspoken’s Sustainable Nutrition Program, she was willing to give it a shot.

…So my journey begins and I jump in with both feet—determined for it to work and apprehensive that it won’t! I mean come on. Have you looked at the time cap on the WODs? Then Michelle keeps upping the amount of food I’m eating. My self doubts are working overtime, but the scales keep dropping weight. Again, I’m confused and conflicted. Surely eating more and working out less can’t equal success. I commit to giving it my all for 6 weeks, and then for 4 more.

Left: Jan/2018 – Right: April /2018

I’m getting results. The sustainable nutrition program is beyond easy. I’m eating more than I ever have. I can eat out, cook for my family, go on vacation, have people over—basically have a normal life! On a few crazy busy days, I’ve even worked pizza and fast food into my daily allotment of protein/carbs/fats. I’ve not been asked to give up any foods, I’m not forced to eat things I don’t like, I have energy, I’m sleeping well, I’m lifting all the heavy (for me) weights and eating ALL the food! Surely this CANNOT be right. I’m still both committed and apprehensive. Then it happens. Michelle asked me to send her progress pictures. I did. They were GREAT, but they got me thinking…..

Left: Jan/2018 – Right: April /2018

How do they compare to 3 years ago when I ate the same thing everyday for 12 weeks, I worked out for 2 hours a day with no purpose. It was hard, it was successful. That’s how a diet should feel, right? And then it happened. I compared the before and after. I was shocked with the results! I looked more fit and more muscular now than I ever have in the past. I have to admit I’m happy, I’m enjoying eating all the food, I don’t want a cheat meal, I’m not looking forward to the “end of the plan.” I want to keep at it and keep pushing myself during the hour class at the box and move on with my day. I’ve found what works for me. It’s sustainable, and it’s easy!” For those thinking about giving it a go, do it!! Stick with it and trust the process. It’s not a short journey, it’s meant to be slow and sustainable, so you can be successful for the long haul. Patience and trust is KEY!!!

Left: Jan/2018 – Right: April /2018

Claudia is eating more food than she ever has before, and she doesn’t restrict the foods she eats. When she has a busy day with the kids, she orders their favorite takeout. When she wants something sweet, she eats a dessert of her choice. There are no limitations. It’s simply working things in to suit your lifestyle. It’s all about what you CAN do, NOT what you “can’t.” You don’t have to eat the same 3 foods every single meal for weeks on end.

Claudia Looking Strong!!

This is about creating a healthy lifestyle where you address your personal needs and find what makes you happy! Small changes over time are what lead to great success. They are what will stick with you. When we place ourselves in a restrictive diet box, we miss out on the joys of life—outings with friends, holiday parties and those special get-togethers. We miss out on self-care, like resting and enjoying an easy meal with our family instead of running ourselves ragged trying to prepare foods that we’re “allowed to have.” It’s just not sustainable. We get bored with it, or it drives us mad and we go off the rails, which makes us feel like we’ve failed ourselves. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Claudia put her faith in eating more and adding a healthy amount of exercise into her life, and she has reaped amazing results. More importantly than that, she’s found relief and happiness. She has grace for herself and embraces new each day of life, whether it’s a normal day at home or a day when something unexpected pops up and shifts her routine. Her journey is sustainable for her, and it’s such a powerful example of the freedom that happens when you choose health over a diet. Here’s to Claudia and her story. May it inspire many like her to choose health and contentment rather than a vicious cycle of failed diets.

If you are looking for help, need a nutrition coach to help you build an individual sustainable nutrition program, then reach out to Coach Michelle. She will create a nutrition plan specifically catered to your lifestyle and goals. The key is consistency and small sustainable change over time:)

[1] Oldenhave, Anna, Jennifer Muschter, Nynke Terpstra, and Greta Noordenbos. (2002). Characteristics and treatment of patients with chronic eating disorders. Eating Disorders, 10(1), 15-29.

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