WOD: June 13, 2018. SMILE!!

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Gina rocking all the muscles and smiles this morning, and putting in strong work! Love the best efforts and positive energy she brings to each workout, always inspiring others to be better😊❤💪.


Today is  a FUN ONE, bring your adventurous side and all the positive vibes!!


* DROM: Dynamic Range of Motion 

* Mobility:  Shoulders

* Bar Warm – Up / Movement Review:

  • Handstand Hold
  • Dead Hang
  • DB Shoulder Press
  • Pull Up


SKILLZ !! #strongertogether

4 Rounds:

  • 60 sec. Handstand Hold
  • 60 Sec. Static Hang
  • 15 reps., DB Shoulder Press #50 / 35
  • 15 reps., Pull Up #50 / 35

Measure: Time

Goal: Today’s movements will challenge skill and mental fortitude….. Time to find our ZEN!! Static movements are typically not often seen in a workout, however they offer tremendous skill transfer!! In regards to static holds, try for unbroken holds in beginning rounds, only break if needed to preserve quality of movement, challenge yourself! Shoulder Press and Pull Ups should be challenging, yet doable in small sets.

Appropriate Scaling:  Athletes will be scaled to progressions that challenge skill and strength, yet allowing for strong movement patterns, and the desired stimulus listed above.

Post WOD Cool Down

* Shoulders – Theraband
* Shoulders – Wall Stretch
* Lats – Rack
* Scap -Band


“There is no education like adversity.” –  Benjamin Disraeli

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