WOD: June 5, 2018. OH YEAH!!

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Keith crushing some weight and owning a solid Push Press at #210 for a set of #2, Lifetime Personal BEST💪. Proud of this guy and all the hard work he has put in over the years to become the talented & strong athlete he is today!!


Okay LUVS!! Let’s bring our BEST EFFORT today!! #strongertogether

RSVP for the WEEK, going to be GREAT… Summer is upon us, time for GAINZ!!!


* DROM: Dynamic Range of Motion 

* Mobility: Shoulders

* Bar Warm – Up / Movement Review:

  • Hang Power Clean
  • Push Jerk


Barbell LOVE !! #strongertogether

12 Minute Running Clock….

  • 1 Min. Hang Power Clean #115/#75
  • 1 Min. Push Jerk #115/#75
  • 2 Min. Hang Power Clean
  • 2 Min. Push Jerk 
  • 3 Min. Hang Power Clean
  • 3 Min. Push Jerk 

Measure: Reps            

Goal: Athletes will be using a load that is challenging, yet still allows for larger sets within both movements, minimum 10 reps, before dropping barbell. This workout will challenge grip, skill and capacity. Each athlete shall create a goal regarding reps and try to sustain across workout. 

Appropriate Scaling: Athletes will be scaled in a manner that is challenging & relative, yet allows for stimulus listed above, such as; sustained capacity and pace.

Post WOD Cool Down

* Row 400  @ 50%
* Shoulders – Ext. Band
* T- Cross – Posterior Chain


“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change.” – Paulo Coelho

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