WOD: June 6, 2018. HEAVY DAY!!

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Coach Emily crushing a beautiful Push Press @ #130 for set of #3, and Lifetime Personal Best!! #checkthatextension #actionwithoutexpectations


Today we go heavy!! Heavy days are essential to building strength and improving our overall fitness.  Come in with a HUGE SMILE, embrace these opportunities and challenge yourself:)  


* DROM: Dynamic Range of Motion 

* Mobility:  Hips

* Bar Warm – Up / Movement Review:

  • Back Squat

Strength – Heavy Day:

SQUAT ATTACK !! #strongertogether

BACK SQUAT 5 x 5 (5,5,5,5,5) @ Heavy Sets 

Goal: Athletes will be testing / building their strength within the Back Squat. Athletes are to challenge themselves with HEAVY SETS, each set will become progressively more difficulty in skill and load. Also, understanding to dialing back load when techniques breaks down.

Important Note: Less experienced athletes will focus on proper mechanics and becoming consistent within strong positions, only adding weight as technique allows. 

Why Heavy Days?? 

You all know we love to share the “WHY” behind all we do at CFOS. We feel education and understanding of what we ask of you within in your training is important to your growth as an athlete. 

Heavy Days are critical to a strength and conditioning program. In order to build our fitness, increase our work capacity and improve our overall functionally of life, we must build upon our strength.  

There will be days were we just lift heavy and that’s okay, we don’t always have to do a conditioning piece to improve our fitness. It’s hard to hit maximum intensity when you went super heavy in a strength element. Also, on the other hand, are you really going to tap into your true strength baseline knowing you have to do a conditioning piece right after? The answer is no. Either way something will suffer or both elements will suffer.

Strength is one of the 10 essential domains of fitness. The stronger you get, the lighter the barbell and easier bodyweight movements will feel in conditioning piece. You will also be less likely prone to injury in the gym and outside the gym. Embrace our HEAVY DAYS, give them 100 effort!!  If you truly do that, then you will start to understand the emotional, neurological and physical demands that are required to lift heavy sh!t. 

Post WOD Cool Down

* Air Squat… 15 reps – Perfect Slow Reps.
* Samson – 30 sec. x 2
* Hip Swing x 10 rep L/R – F/B
* Posterior Chain – T Cross



“When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best versions of themselves.”    – Steve Maraboli

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