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Sweat Factory Rockledge is a place where everyone knows your name, everyone is like family. No need to feel intimidated here, everyone is supportive of each other regardless of your skills and abilities.”

“The coaches are great and well trained; they won’t let you do more than you are capable of doing correctly to prevent injury. Workouts can be tailored to meet your abilities. If you are looking to get in shape, build confidence, meet fun people, and change your life for the better give the Sweat Factory a try, you won’t regret it.”


Today I am 11 days to being six months post-operation of a two-level disc replacement in my neck. Yes I am a Bionic lady with the fun hardware that comes with it 😉😊!”

“Prior to my surgery date I stopped running during WODs I would row or walk due to the impact of hitting the ground. I told myself post surgery I would run again and it would be pain free! When I returned to the box there was running in the wod I remember the first run was 400 meters total! Coach Emily asked me what is your win today I looked at her and started to think I told her running with a huge smile

On my face. Pre coronavirus the furthest I ran was 800 meters still proud of myself. If I remember correctly in the first or second week of home workouts there was a wod where there was a mile run then a movement then a mile run. That day I was able to run one mile. The second mile I walked and ran. Today I wanted to test my running and my mental game. I ran 2.16 miles pain free I truly didn’t care my time I just wanted to see if my body could do it. My goal is to run a 5k pain free. It has been a long road I still have six more months of recovery. Every day I feel that my body is a science experiment what can I do some days it’s not much and I take the small wins. Some days my wins are bigger I will take that too.”


“I am down 37 pounds and 15 % body fat and feeling stronger than I ever have!! Thank you to the Sweat Factory CrossFit community for helping me to change my life!”



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