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Want A Customized Perscription For Your Health and Fitness Goals

At Sweat Factory, we are first and foremost a coaching business. We have established “the Sweat Factory Way” to health and fitness- a way to give YOU a customized prescription to reaching your goals. We meet with each new member one-on-one, for Free Intro. In this appointment, we’ll go

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We have a boat in a marina that we stay on while we are in Daytona Beach. We have gotten to know the dockmaster very well. The first few months we were just acquaintances but after a year we have built a friendship and trust.

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5 Ways Joining Sweat Factory Can Make You Money

Mental Acuity   Multiple studies have shown that exercise improves cognitive ability.  In his book “Spark” Dr. John Ratey shows how exercise helps improve focus, fight depression and make better decisions.  A sharp mind gives a professional the ability to think through projects, and the

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